Frequently Asked Questions    

Q.When will my Injectors be returned?
A. Turn-around time can depend on several factors. The shipping method you chose to send you injectors in, and the return method you chose will partially determine this. We ship injectors back free of charge with USPS First Class mail w/ delivery conformation for orders of four (4) or more. The type of injector and the current work load in the lab also play a role in the turn-around time. For a better idea of your particular turn-around time, please e-mail us at

Q: How should I package and send the injectors to Doctor Injector for service?
A:  We prefer that the injectors be sent to us by ANY method other than the US Postal service. Our postal delivery time is not until the very late afternoon. Packages sent to us via UPS, FedEx or DHL arrive early in the morning and allow us enough time to perform the service and turn the injectors around the same day in most cases. When packaging the injectors, it is highly recommended that you place the injectors in a standard zip lock bag. This helps contain the fuel smell.

Q: Can you return the old used parts that have been replaced?
A: Yes we can. Please make a note on the order form that you are requesting these parts be returned to you.

Q: I have side-feed injectors, can you do these?
A: Yes we can. We have the equipment to service all types of fuel injectors.

Q: Can I send my diesel injectors to you for service?
A: NO, we cannot service diesel injectors. They are very different from regular fuel injectors, they cannot be repaired like fuel injectors can. If you do have questions about them we can try to help you, as much as possible. 

Q: If my injectors (or one of my injectors) are not serviceable, will I still be charged?
You will not be charged the Service Fee if we determine that it is a bad Injector. However, there is a minimum charge for tests performed to declare the injector is "bad".

Q: If you can find my injectors, why don't you offer an exchange program?
: Honestly, it is not a good idea. You theoretically could send in a set of injectors that have... say 10K miles on them and get back a set we have on the shelf that have 125K miles on them that have been serviced. It is not a very smart thing to do and we highly recommend staying away from programs such as this. It is better to have yours serviced than to "trade" them in for another set. 

Q: If I select the $8 return shipping with UPS, how soon will I get my injectors back?
It depends on your location.

Q: I selected UPS as my Return shipping method, why did they come back via FedEx?
We reserve the right to select the best return method based on the completion time of the service. Different companies (UPS and FedEx) both have different times of operation. UPS daily pick-up is earlier in the day. If the injector service is not complete at or before the time of UPS daily pick-up, FedEx Ground will be used. FedEx Ground allows us to ship latter in the day.

Q: Can I have my injectors back sooner?
Absolutely. A few things need to be discussed first. Scheduling your injectors BEFORE sending them in is a HUGE help in ensuring your injectors are returned in your time frame. Additional payment for faster shipping is also required

Q: What is the additional cost of Faster Overnight shipping?
We ship daily with FedEx and UPS. The following rates would apply for over night shipping.
    FedEx Overnight shipping: $27 (USA ONLY)
    UPS Overnight shipping: $33 (USA ONLY)   

Return label included from your UPS or FedEx account: $2    Handling fee.
*** The overnight rates above are for sets of 4 injectors. More than 4 injectors would be a higher fee.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept business checks (must clear first), Money Orders, Visa and Mastercard over the phone..

Q: Where do I send my injectors for service?
A: Send Injectors to:

Doctor Injector                                                               2605 Palo Vista Way
Rancho Cordova Ca 95670